4D Master 4D Vision
Credit: Fame Master

Looking for a good toy for your inquisitive young one to explore.  Or do you just want to display a cool decorative piece that will surely get a double take?  Check out these 4D Master models, which is one of the well-known brands of the Fame Master Enterprise Limited at www.famemaster.com These models are amazing and fit together so well! So fun but challenging to assemble and they look great to display.  The major product line of 4D MASTER ® is the 4D PUZZLE ™ with over  500 items in the series.  There are many captivating product groups to choose from like Space, Vehicles, Mythic, Animal, Prehistoric, Reptile World, Cuddly Pets, Science, Reptile World, Farm Animals, Bugs, Birds …  Some of these toy puzzles are carried on Amazon too.

Here are some of the benefits Fame Master lists to help children grow and learn with these puzzles:


1.   To train children to be patient while facing difficult and challenging puzzles

2.   Good training for eye-brain-hand coordination

3.   Build self-confidence and relationships with families
as children are encouraged during play

4.   To inspire curiosity in learning about how things are put together

5.   To provide a platform for kids and parents to enjoy play time together

6.   On repeatedly setting new records of fastest completion time,
children feel fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment

4D Balloon Dog

Credit: Fame Master

4D Master 4D Science Plant Anatomy Toy

Credit: Fame Master