Author: Arturo Martinez

Salacia Extract Supplement Shown to Help Curb Appetite and Manage Blood Sugar

We all know by now that being overweight poses many health risks and yet we have an obesity pandemic.  Perhaps that is not a big surprise considering all the food shows on TV, availability of fast food, and the huge portions served in many restaurants.  the net effect is one-third of the people in the world are currently obese or overweight, according to a 2017 study by CNN stated.  It has been estimated that if this trend continues almost half of the global population may be obese or overweight by 2030 (Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for...

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New Eye Test Can Detect Alzheimer’s Disease Many Years Prior to Symptoms Emerging

A non-invasive cost-effective simple eye test appears to be coming soon that can identify Alzheimer’s disease many years before symptoms arise.   It has only been in recent years, that there was any test for people with this devastating form of dementia. Doctors today can use expensive positron emission tomography (PET) scans of the brains to identify amyloid markers of the disease.  The PET test is invasive in that patients need to be injected with radioactive dye and is a part of the estimated $259 billion in healthcare costs attributed to Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Doctors are not absolutely sure what triggers Alzheimer’s...

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Amazon Patents Chute Attachment to Drone to Deliver Packages Without Landing

We know Amazon is heavily investing in a near future where drones can be used to deliver packages.  In a recent patent filing we discussed here, it appears Amazon is strongly considering creating a network of mobile merchandise and maintenance facilities utilizing trains, tractor trailer trucks, and boats to keep their drones powered up and in the air.  The mobile merchandise side of this idea, allows Amazon to bring products closer to customers so the drones have shorter delivery routes too.  Now another patent has been filed that may make things more efficient for drones too. When I first glanced at the...

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