Credit: Mark Rober & YouTube

ex NASA engineer turned wacky toy inventor Mark Rober has made what he hopes to be officially proclaimed as the world’s largest Super Soaker. Let’s probably assume this is a mere formality as Rober already holds the record for World’s Largest Nerf Gun that he built last year. The impractically ginormous 7-foot-long water pistol, is powered by nitrogen gas tanks, enabling a force of up to 2,400 pounds per square inch. That is eight times the force of an average fire hose folks with PSI you find in power washers for roofs and driveways. With that kind of stream force the water travels at speeds of 272 miles per hour with deadly intent.

The Super duper Soaker on steroids is able to slice easily through a watermelon (in slow motion on video below) and easily breaks wine glasses and plastic balls. Besides destroying a bunch of stuff in the video, Rober also talks to the inventor of the Super Soaker Lonnie Johnson.  The super enhanced Super Soaker, which took 6 months to build, uses the same principals of the original, where pump action forces air to be put under pressure into a tank of water that sit on top of gun. Now pressurized, pulling the trigger releases that water with equal force out of the gun. The main difference is that Rober’s design utilizes large tanks of water and nitrogen gas stored in the handle to produce the extra (massive) pressure, and like a power washer you can swap out nozzles to utilize different streams. With disclaimers listed as they should be, Rober does offer a link to his CAD files and build lists, which you can find on his youtube page.