Month: September 2017

Skin Patch Melts Fat Away in Mice

Human beings have two types of fat in various amounts.  Of the two white fat is considered the bad kind as it stores excess energy in large triglyceride droplets. The favored brown fat, on the other hand, has smaller droplets and a large number of mitochondria that burn fat to produce heat. We are born with a relative richness of brown fat, which insulates us to cold temperatures, but as we grow older, most brown fat is lost.  For years, researchers have been searching for therapies that can transform an adult’s white fat into brown fat (a process called browning)...

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Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible Through Diet Within a Decade of Onset

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic progressively destructive condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar (glucose). Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes comes with great social and financial consequences for the patients, as well as poorer quality of life and health expectancy projections. Formerly considered an older person disease, type 2 diabetes is now common in younger, fatter, people and even the very young who are severely obese. Currently remission rates for type 2 diabetes are around 10 – 14%, but apparently, it could be much higher. But that would take an understanding of diet and will...

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Handheld Cancer Pen Can Detect Tumors During Surgery in 10 Seconds

Researchers at the University of Texas say they have invented a handheld tool that can identify cancerous tissue in 10 seconds during a surgical procedure.  The team at the University of Texas at Austin published in Science Translational Medicine say the “MasSpec Pen” works in real time, and is at least as accurate as removing a tissue sample and sending it to a pathologist and speeds the testing process by as much as 150 times. The way it works is based on the notion that each type of cancer has its own molecular structure that acts as a distinct “fingerprint.” Cancer...

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Kohl’s to Open Amazon Boutiques Inside Some Stores Inc. has been growing its brick-and-mortar presence as it recently acquired the organic grocer Whole Foods chain. And now the Seattle-based online e-commerce giant is teaming up with Kohl’s to open Amazon shops in 10 of its stores.  While Amazon devices have long been available at other traditional retailers like Best Buy, Kohl’s shoppers will be able to buy Amazon Echos, Fire tablets and other gadgets from the 1,000-square-foot Amazon shops staffed with Amazon employees to offer a hands-on experience.  In this “smart home experience” customers will be able to ask what products integrate with Alexa, try them hands-on and to even have an Amazon...

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New Camera Sees Inside the Human Body

Scientists led by the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University have developed a new camera which can see through the human body.  The new camera according to the research published in the journal Biomedical Optics Express. can detect individual photon particles, and is so sensitive it can spot tiny traces of light passing through tissue. The prototype camera is designed to help doctors track medical endoscope devices, which are inserted into openings of the human body to investigate a range of internal conditions. Light beams from the inserted endoscope are difficult to track as they usually scatter or bounce as they reflect off...

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