Month: May 2017

Steps To Convert Spotify To MP3

No matter if you are passionate about old or new music, there’s one online music service that’s ready to satisfy all your needs. I am talking about Spotify, which you can even use for free as long as you don’t mind the idea of being interrupted by 30-second ads every 6 songs. In addition, Spotify also delivers Facebook integration and all sorts of interesting apps, so it’s definitely a service that you can use in order to stay entertained or relaxed. What’s also good news is that the songs it allows you to listen to can be easily recorded...

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Which ecological heating system saves more?

Choosing the best heating system for your home is not simple at all. In fact, we must consider several aspects: the best thermal performance, the maintenance, the structure of your home, the energy saving, the cost, the eco-sustainability of the plant, etc. It is appropriate to take into account all these parameters to understand which ecological heating system saves more, keeping in mind also the size of the premises, the year of construction of the building, eventual renovations, the solar exposure, any heat dissipations and many other factors still. Efficient heating is one that offers the best value for...

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GSM Thermostat: Operation, cost and benefits

The GSM thermostat is a good tool to heat the environment in your home while ensuring a considerable energy saving. Specifically, the GMS thermostat is a modern, GMS, that exploiting domotic technology can also be managed remotely via wireless and GSM, ensuring intelligent heating. The thermostat GSM is designed to maintain the constant temperature in every room of the house, and is able to react to thermal changes and related variants, such as human warmth or other internal and external elements. In addition to maintaining the constant climate in the dwelling, the GSM thermostat allows to reduce waste by...

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