SAM100 by Construction Robotics

A New York-based company called Construction Robotics has developed a one-of-a-kind robot called the SAM100 (Semi-Automated Mason) , that can lay 3,000 brick a day.  For comparison, a human bricklayer will average around 500 bricks per day. The average efficiency of 3,000 bricks per day,  breaks down to about 4.5 cents per brick.   Designed to work in masonry construction the SAM100 assists with the repetitive and backbreaking  task of lifting and placing each brick. Construction has been a difficult industry to automate because of the customized work it requires, but the SAM100 is designed to work with the onsite mason.  SAM’s human partner is required to smooth over the concrete and provide measurements before SAM places more bricks.

The SAM100 isn’t going to be putting many laborers out of work anytime soon, with a price tag around $500,000.  While SAM is potentially a breakthrough technology in revolutionizing future construction building, it is viewed by Construction Robotics as an assistant to do the heavy lifting and many years away from being fully automated.

Here’s a video explaining and showcasing what the SAM100 can do: