If you are a movie editing enthusiast, you will then love to hear about 2 of the best free video editing software options for mac.

1. iMovie

iMovie is totally free for people who have Mac. This is because your Mac comes with this video program at no extra cost. iMovie comes as a part of the of Apple’s iLife suite. It is one of the best video editing tools for novice-home users to undertake small editing projects while providing some basics on video editing. It allows you to load video recordings to the Mac by use of a computer’s USB port or the FireWire interface in case of a digital video cameras (MiniDV format). It also has the capability to import photo and video files from a PC hard drive. After the import, one can easily enhance the video clips or photos and add titles, music and sound effects, including video enhancing tools and transitions like slides and fades.

It provides best training ground for a beginning video editor.

2. VideoPad

This is another one of the top free video editors. It is easily downloadable and its installation does not involve complex setups. It is the best tool for beginners and in fact one can start using it to edit audio and video files immediately after installation.

VideoPad comes with 35 transitions and more than 20 built-in effects which are more than enough to handle almost any basic video editing project. Moreover, it gives you the option of downloading other transitions and effects you see fit for your project. The program also allows easy importation of files and you just need to drag and drop audio and video files into the media list to begin editing them. It is the right program which has almost everything you need to fine tune anything that you throw at it.