Social MediaTwitterTwitter reported its second-quarter earnings this week, and it wasn’t all good news. The online news and social networking service failed to add any new monthly active users during the June quarter. So even though Twitter posted better-than-expected earnings and revenue growth the stock tanked down 12%.  Eyeing other avenues of revenue growth without necessarily growing the user base, Twitter released a survey back in March 2017, that indicated the intention to create a  business oriented paid subscription service.  This service which Twitter is just now testing is meant to be a more automated alternative to Twitter Ads. Twitter Ads requires set up for each promoted campaign, a recognized pain for small businesses that this new subscription program hopes to successfully address.

 Twitter wrote on its website that “This program will do the heavy lifting. You just need to continue using Twitter as you normally do — Tweeting updates, links, and media that you want a larger audience to see. Then, the promotion of your Tweets will be automated.”

With this new paid program subscribing customers/businesses tweet away as they normally would up to the first 10 tweets posted every day. The subscriber’s profile and the posts are promoted automatically based on a choice of similar interest or location. The $99 per month plan offers subscribers the first month of service for free and bi-weekly and analytic reports are provided that show how well the Tweets performed.