No matter if you are passionate about old or new music, there’s one online music service that’s ready to satisfy all your needs. I am talking about Spotify, which you can even use for free as long as you don’t mind the idea of being interrupted by 30-second ads every 6 songs. In addition, Spotify also delivers Facebook integration and all sorts of interesting apps, so it’s definitely a service that you can use in order to stay entertained or relaxed. What’s also good news is that the songs it allows you to listen to can be easily recorded and then stored for as long as you like in an MP3 format that can be used for virtually any future purpose. You will just have to learn how to change Spotify to MP3 which is not difficult at all.

Just make sure you rely on converters like those from Wondershare that manage to deliver the type of functionality you are after in an interface that’s easy to use. For instance, Wondershare makes this Spotify to MP3 converter available in versions for Windows as well as for Mac and delivers it with a simple interface that involves following only two steps in order to reach the result you are after. To learn how to use it efficiently you will even be able to rely on videos that sometimes are more insightful than a dozen phrases used to explain the same type of action.

The main reason why you should bother using such a converter is because you will finally have the chance to continue listening to your favorite Spotify music even when your computer or another device that you use for listening to music lacks an Internet connection. Not to mention that you will be able to record your favorite song and then add it among the ringtones on your smartphone.