By Jfreyre – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Due to the increased rate of malicious network activities, and the proliferation of SPAM, most server colocation providers have taken the initiative of incorporating network security management in their service offering. Even though the cost of collocating goes a little higher, it’s all but worth it. Some these services include basic firewall services, IPS/ IDS (intrusion prevention services and intrusion detection services), real time bandwidth reporting using MRTG or PRTG, VPN services, virtual firewall services, SPAM filtering, real time interchange scrutiny by use of net flow coverage, and spyware detection and removal. These services ensure a high level of service delivery with less downtime, lower overall bandwidth utilization and a faster response time.

To enjoy a guaranteed security of your network comes down to doing an upbeat search for a reliable server colocation provider who will meet all your network security needs.

Besides the provision of network security, a good collocating provider should also have the premises security measures like Key fobs, biometric scanners or secure cards which will restrict the access of your server from unauthorized persons. Installation of video surveillance cameras is also importance especially where the data center uses open racks; it will monitor who enters and leaves the data center and with what. Fire detection and suppression systems will ensure that your server is safe in case of fire. Smoke, fire and heat detection systems need to be available to enable a suppression of fire before it does any damage. To effectively monitor the humidity, temperature, power availability and air handling, the provider you settle for should have reliable systems to alert technicians off-site and on-site of any outages or changes in usual operations.
Colocation providers should also have affordable power backup systems like diesel generators and gas tanks to facilitate provision of colocating services even in times of power interruptions.