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The world we live in would definitely not be as pleasant as it is if entertainment options such as music and movies were not around. So, as people that love listening to music wherever we go we will always take interest in services that make it possible to listen to our favorite artists while spending little to no money. Such a service is Spotify which has quite a few advantages to offer, so it’s definitely worth considering on your list of options.

About Spotify

First of all, it makes available all the music of your interest for free and legally. You will only have to put up with the ads that barge in every six songs. However, that’s definitely a price you should be willing to pay, considering that you will gain access to all the music you can think of. In addition, getting rid of the ads and continuing to have unlimited access to the music they put at disposal has never been easier. You will just have to agree to pay $5 per months. That’s definitely affordable considering that only one iTunes song costs $0.99.


Another advantage comes from the possibility to turn Spotify music into MP3 files that you can take with you everywhere you go. As long as you use the result of the conversion only for personal purposes you will still be legally using the resources of Spotify, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider this option. You will just have to download and install a converter like Wondershare Spotify to MP3 that involves dealing with only 2 simple steps in order to end up with the MP3 files of interest. In the first step you will have to install the converter and launch it while in the second step you will have to turn on Spotify and use the Record feature in the converter’s interface.