If the music-streaming service known as Spotify has managed to capture your attention a long time ago, you should know that it has even more potential than you thought possible until now. That’s because the question Can you convert Spotify to MP3? can be without a doubt associated with an Yes answer. In essence, Spotify is a service that you are given the chance to use for free in order to listen to all your favorite artists and share your love for music with your friends on social networks such as Facebook. To take things to the next level and actually save those songs on your hard drive in the MP3 format you will just have to use one of the converters on the market. They tend to come in both Windows and Mac versions, so the type of operating system that you are using will never be a limitation.

The rest of the process is pretty easy to manage because most of the converters of the kind come with a pretty simple interface. That’s because the process that they follow in order to deliver the expected results is pretty simple. You will just have to install the converter on your computer, launch the converter as well as Spotify and then select the option Record from the converter’s simple interface. You won’t have to choose any specific format because most of the tools of the kind are designed to use MP3 as default format. The result will be a track that you will be able to easily find on your computer and use for any purpose of your interest. It doesn’t matter if you want to burn it to a CD in order to listen to it in your car or use it as new ringtone for your smartphone. Once you’re done using the converter chosen all these possibilities become available.