Spotify is a service that all those who are in love with music should definitely consider. That’s because its streaming capabilities connect you to millions of songs, all day long. That means you will finally be able to effortlessly listen to your favorite music no matter if you are partying or working out in order to stay in shape. It’s also a music service that you should consider because it comes with full Facebook integration. That means you will enjoy listening to your favorite music while having fun with your friends on one of the best social networks currently available. You will get to take a look at their playlists while they get to discover more about the music you love.

The even better news is that the music that Spotify makes available can be easily converted to an MP3 format that gives you the chance to listen to that music even in your car or when your computer no longer benefits from an Internet connection.

All you will have to do in order to take care of that conversion is use one of the tools on the market that were designed to record the music available on Spotify and make it available to you in an MP3 format that makes it possible to take that music with you wherever you go. The even better news is that the use of such converters is legal as long as you don’t plan to use the resulting MP3 file for anything else than personal use.

So, if you are interested, you should take the time to discover the capabilities of a Spotify to MP3 converter that can be found even in versions for Mac, so you will be enjoying Spotify to MP3 Mac OS X conversions in no time. You will basically have to install the converter on your computer, launch Spotify and then click Record.